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Quanta & Qualia is a dynamic Greek company specialised in systems engineering (H/W and S/W development, product design) in advanced electronics, mechatronics and embedded software and also innovation and technology management skills. Core business is the development of innovative technological products in the Human Computer interaction sector. MAGOS, its flagship product is a wearable solution-patent applied-which re-invents the finger/hand tracking methodology in AR/VR/MR environments. Also, Q&Q demonstrates great experience in project management and contract management of complex projects in the ICT, HMD, space and defence sector, as well as system analysis and design in robotic and mechatronics systems for the above-mentioned sectors. Because of the nature of its solutions, that act as horizontal platforms on which vertical solutions could be developed for every industry, Q&Q assist companies/clients in order to achieve earlier the digital transformation journey.

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  • Gregory Agriopoulos - co-Founder - CEO
  • Vasilapostolos Ouranis - co-Founder - CSO

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